eyy get into it


i'm max. i really dislike "about me" sections cause they generally don't say or mean anything and i said i wouldnt make a proper one but i feel like it might be time.

✭ name ✭ maxie ✭

✭ age ✭ 17 ✭

✭ place ✭ montreal ✭

✭ disclaimer ✭ i initially made this for dicking around purposes but ended up investing way too much emotional energy and i'll probably start hating it in some time ✭

also, i'm terrified of someone i know personally finding this because it would be incredibly easy for them to link me back to it and i want this to be an outlet for me to be as problematic as i want to without people holding me accountable. the thing is, i also think that everyone i know sucks ass to the hundreth percentile and could never find this (or even care to) if you gave them an instruction booklet. (if you are reading this and you do know me, i still maintain that you suck ass.)